Natural Chrysoberyl Gemstone 30.92ct With GIA Report
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  • Identification: Chrysoberyl
  • Carat: 30.92ct
  • Shape: Emerald
  • Measurements: 19.74 x 15.37 x 10.55mm
  • Color: Yellow
  • Report: GIA 1166213657
  • Treatment: None    

About chrysoberyl:

So what makes chrysoberyl so special? For one thing, it is an extremely hard gem, with a rating of 8.5 on the Mohs Scale. It has excellent brilliance, vitreous luster, very clean and transparent specimens can be found. It is always untreated.

Chrysoberyl is a very important stone for making important life decisions. It brings the wearer a great clarity, keenness of perception, and most importantly, strength. The stone has the ability to give the wearer a certainty in decision making, incomparable to the power of any other gemstone. Chrysoberyl is also a powerful healing stone on the physical level.

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