About Spinel Gemstones 

The beauty and hardness of spinel make it a perfect gemstone for any kind of jewelry. Spinel rings are special because of their vibrant colors, great hardness and intense sparkle. Due to this gemstone's high degree of durability and hardness, spinel requires no special care and spinel engagement rings can withstand plenty of daily wear. Like most gemstone rings though, care should be taken to avoid hard knocks or blows directly to the stone. Spinel is considered to be a soothing stone because of its calming energy. Spinel rings can alleviate stress, encourage love and compassion, and help with healing. 

Spinel Gemstone is a recent addition to the official list of August Birthstone. Therefore, a spinel may be worn in place of a carnelian or peridot ring by those with August birthdays.

  1. Lavender Spinel 8.19ct Unheated
    Lavender Spinel 8.19ct Unheated
  2. Mahenge Spinel Gemstone 1.33ct
    Mahenge Spinel Gemstone 1.33ct
  3. Natural Orange Spinel Gemstone 2.63ct
  4. Natural Blue Spinel 4.06ct
    Natural Blue Spinel 4.06ct